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A Revolution In Gaming

The online gaming and gambling sector has grown exponentially in the last 10 years. However, the underlying infrastructure used by the major firms has stayed pretty much the same: built on the same backend, with the same persistent security issues. They’re taking your money and not giving anything back. MeVersusU is different. We’re building a better experience- the platform that the global gaming and betting market deserves.

Play Your Favorite Games,
Win Big

It might not be as far-fetched as it sounds. Select your game of choice- Fifa 17, Battlefield, Cod, Counter Strike, whatever you like. Then challenge your friends or global players worldwide for real cash. Whether you’re playing solo or want to bring your team, we’ve got you covered. Game on.

Bet While You Watch

Watch your favourite eSport streamers and bet on the outcome of each. We’re building the very best In-Play experience imaginable for both mobile and desktop.

E-Sport Community News

Not only can you watch professional e-sport streams, but you can bet on them live. Our community section provides the latest news from e-sports and player leaderboard, giving you an experience even better than being there.

Sportsbetting Exchange And
In-Play Betting

Love the Premier League, and sports betting? With the lowest commission on peer to peer betting exchanges, MeVersusU exchange is built with you in mind, so you can do the things you love with less cost to you.

Enjoy Our Casino Section

We’ve tailored our games selection to your favourites. Whether you’re into Poker, Roulette, Dice, Lottery or even Scratch Cards, MeVersusU lets you play, or even place bets on your fellow gamers. Our ‘other sports’ section ensures that you can add any traditional sports game to your bet slip.


This is a democratic platform where gamers rule! MeVersusU is built on your interests. Don’t like something? You have the opportunity to change it. By working in partnership with the community, you can help us to manage this new community together- help share ideas, conduct user support, make important decisions and vote for rules and regulations, and get rewarded when you do. All community volunteers get to earn redeemable PUNT coins for their time and commitment.


The PUNT coin is based on the latest Ethereum blockchain protocol, providing smart contracts and an unprecedented level of security. Ethereum offers complete transparency and traceability, it’s entirely censorship-proof and eliminates the need for intermediary financial institutions, which means less cost passed on to you.


With your support we envision the development of the world’s largest gaming cryptocurrency. Invest in the Ethereum-based, Punt and build the world’s greatest gaming platform



- Regulated Sportsbetting
- Casino
- Skills Gaming


- Skills Gaming
- Daily Fantasy Reimagined


- Sports Betting
- Casino
- Skills Gaming *Where online gaming and gambling is not illegal



- Regulated Sportsbetting -

- Casino -

- Skills Gaming -


- Skills Gaming -

- Daily Fantasy Reimagined -


- Sports Betting -

- Casino -

- Skills Gaming -
*Where online gaming and gambling is not illegal


Joseph Arnold


Leads development and
architectural design of Meversusu

Joseph Arnold


Leads development and
architectural design of Meversusu

Joseph Arnold


Leads development and
architectural design of Meversusu

Joseph Arnold


Leads development and
architectural design of Meversusu



Tiga is Britain’s independent gamers association. Built for games developers, digital publishers and the trade association representing the video games industry, Tiga’s core purpose is to strengthen the games development and digital publishing sector.




2017 Q1 and Q2

Design UI, Specifications and
Technical Architecture of the Platform
has been completed

MVP completed

2017 Q3

MVU Token Generating Event
will be initiated in October 2017
and last for a month

2017 Q4

Tenders will be issued to Fortune 500
global consulting development partners for
each phases of the project.

2018 Q1

Product development will
begin in a phased approach

Global regulatory and legal landscape
document completed for each country worldwide.

2018 Q2

On-boarding of first indie developers started

Still in Beta, Peer to Peer gaming will be
launched with manual settlements and
automatic settlement for 5 games

A more aggressive online campaign with
sophisticated count-down style social media
marketing and more exposure in industry
expos and conferences

Development continues on other
features within the platform

Token holders trained to carry
out various tasks within the platform

2018 Q3

On-boarding of new developers continues

Gaming Exchange version 1
launched for Premier League in August

Offline and online advertising
picks up as the official complete
launch of the platform nears

2018 Q4

Peer to Peer gaming officially launched
with 100 automatic settlement games

2019 Q1

Casino, Exchange Games launched

2019 Q2

Exchange and Exchange in Play version 2 launched




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